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ARB Pump Up Air Hose Kit for ARB High-Output Compressors 171302

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Part Number: ARB171302
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  • Air hose system for ARB Air Compressors
  • Includes 20-foot hose and fittings
  • High-quality air chuck with sealed bearings
  • Strong, heat-resistant, and reinforced 7/16" air hose
  • Includes fittings for tires, air mattresses, sports equipment, and more

Complete Air Hose Kit Handles High Outputs

ARB's lineup of potent air compressors may be some of the best on the market, but they're going to need a quality air hose kit that can handle their huge output in even the most extreme climates and applications. The ARB Pump Up Air Hose Kit is built from the ground up to handle big air pressures and flow rates from ARB's powerful High-Output Air Compressors so that you can get your tires inflated or get the job done without letting you down. Each ARB Pump Up Hose Kit features 20 feet of high-strength, high-quality 7/16" diameter hose along with an air chuck and a variety of fittings so that you can use your vehicle-mounted or portable ARB Air Compressor for anything you have in mind. The hose's bright orange color makes it look great and easy to find among all your gear.

Heavy-Duty, Heat-Resistant Hose with Quality Air Chuck and Assortment of Fittings

The ARB Pump Up Air Hose Kit was tried and tested out in the Australian Outback and was carefully designed and constructed to survive just about anything you throw at it. The Pump Up Air Hose Kit comes standard with a 20-foot air hose sourced from Japan that's heavily reinforced and includes line protectors on its ends to prevent kinking. The kit comes with a T-fitting for hooking up to ARB's air compressors that's then paired with a dust-free chuck with an enclosed bearing system that helps prevent dust ingestion. Each kit also comes with an assortment of fittings for pumping up air mattresses or sports equipment, including a needle fitting and two plastic universal fittings.

For ARB Air Compressors: this kit was specifically designed for ARB compressors, including their Twin Compressor Kit.

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