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ARB Digital Tire Inflator with Gauge 601

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Part Number: ARB601
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  • Complete inflator kit with digital gauge
  • Durable and highly-accurate kit
  • LCD display with blue backlighting
  • 23.5" reinforced air hose
  • Easy to use inflator and bleeder
  • Built-in air chuck
  • Can handle up to 350psi

Easy-to-Use and Highly Accurate Digital Gauge with Hosing and Chuck

Getting accurate and fast tire pressure readings is absolutely critical when it comes to airing down and then back up when you head off the beaten path. The ARB Digital Tire Inflator allows you to easily and accurately measure your tire's air pressure as you fill it, allowing you to get the perfect air pressure for heading back out on the pavement after a day of off-roading. Each ARB Tire Inflator features a long length of hose, a back-lit digital gauge, built-in push-on chuck, and a 1/4" NPT fitting that works with ARB High-Output compressors as well as other compressors with the same fittings. The gauge is capable of multiple pressure measurements with +/- 1psi accuracy up to 350psi.

Backlit Digital Gauge with Rubber Coating with Durable Air Hose with Integrated Air Chuck

The ARB Digital Tire Inflator features a durable, tried-and-tested design and construction that allows it to handle the toughest applications and working environments. The digital gauge itself comes with a rubber bump guard around its entire exterior to help prevent damage from small drops and dings while you're working off-road. The gauge is attached to a 23.5", dual-swivel, braided hose with a PVC coating that's tough enough to handle any climate or application. Each gauge features a blue back-lit screen and comes with a pair of AAA batteries that provide up to a 200 hour lifespan. The inflator comes with a coated, thumb-operator inflator paddle and an easy-to-reach deflator bleed button. The hose comes with a clip-on air chuck that allows for a quick, easy fit onto your tire valve stems. The gauge is able to display 0-200psi, 0-14 bar, or 0-1400kpa. The inflator can handle up to 350psi/2400kpa.

For ARB Air Compressors: This inflator was designed for use with ARB's High-Output Compressors, including their Twin Air Compressor.

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