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Baja Designs LP9/LP6 Pro Wiring Harness

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The Baja Designs LP9 / LP6 Pro Harness Includes:
  • Wiring harness with plug and play Deutsch style connectors
  • Built in splitter to power two LP9 or LP6 Lights
  • Large automotive style ring terminals
  • 3-position, 30amp DC Rated, DPDT, On-Off-On Switch to operate high and low beam independently
  • Extra wire lead with splice connector to operate amber daytime running light (DRL)  
  • 20A/40A Relay & 30 amp inline fuse
  • 12 foot length for battery to instrument cluster
  • 15 foot length for instrument cluster to light mounting location
This harness is all you will need to in order to get full versatility and functionality from your LP9 or LP6 lights!

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