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Baja Designs XL (Pro&Sport)/ONX6 Wire Harness W/Mode-2 Lights

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Part Number: BAJ640119
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Complete harness for Baja Designs XL (Pro & Sport) and OnX6+ LED Lights. 

This harness takes all the guess work out of installation and is incredibly high quality suited for race use!

This harness allows you to use the high beam or toggle switch to turn on the LED light.

  • Includes Toggle switch for On/Off and toggle button for dim mode.
  • Heavy duty wire gauge.
  • Complete with battery ring terminals, relay, sheathing, fuse.
  • 100" wire length between battery ring terminals and weatherpack for bumper or roof mounting.
  • (1) XL (Pro & Sport) / OnX6+ Wire Harness w/Mode-2 lights max 50" OnX6+ (64-0119)
  • (1) OnX6/XL (Pro & Sport) Wiring Harness Splitter - adds 1 light (61-3608)

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