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We now offer durable winches and recovery kits from WARN and ARB. The WARN VR EVO series includes models like the VR EVO 12 and 12-S, known for their robustness and efficiency. For varied winching needs, choose from the Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty Winching Accessory Kits, as well as the Medium-Duty and Epic Recovery Kits.

The high-performance WARN Zeon winches, such as the Zeon 10-S, 12-S Platinum, and 12-S, offer exceptional pulling power. ARB's recovery kits like the Weekender, Premium, and Essentials kits cater to different off-roading requirements.

Additionally, the WARN VR EVO series features models with steel cables for enhanced strength, including the VR EVO 8, VR EVO 10, and the compact Zeon 8-S, as well as the efficient VR EVO 8-S and 10-S. 
















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WARN Zeon 8-S Winch