Some companies in our industry have made it difficult, or down right impossible, for our members of the armed forces to receive excellent service and extra help getting their packages through the APO/FPO system. The hard work and untold sacrifice that our service men and women endure on a daily basis deserves credit and praise. Grimm Offroad has not forgotten, nor will we ever forget this sacrifice. We have experience working with companies that do not have APO/FPO options in their state blocks. The outlandish shipping charges to get the order sent overseas, or on a base that FedEx, UPS, and/or DHL begrudgingly deliver to once a week, if at all, are no stranger to us. We also know that E4 pay with a dependent or two does not go as far as the little "pay equivalence breakdown" you get every year. You work hard, you play hard, and you have little time between deployments, field exercises, and the alphabet of acronyms that take you away from your home. We know what you go through on a daily basis first hand because multiple past and present of our employees have been in your boots before.

Grimm Offroad is happy to announce that we are in your corner because we can relate to the hardships you encounter in regard to receiving packages. Not only are we proud to deliver a quality product to addresses that require extra work, but we will do it for reasonable price. We are also proud to announce that every member of the Armed Forces will receive a 10% discount off each and every order they place with Grimm Offroad! This discount is open to every current member of our Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, and IRR forces. This discount is also available to our allies to the North, the members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

To prevent anyone from scamming the system, and tainting the deal, we will need proof of your service. Simply email us from your current military email for verification. Once your service is verified, Grimm Offroad will apply the 10% discount to all products that we offer. The discount does not apply to shipping charges for the order. Please call (888) 908-3861 or e-mail with any questions.

Thank YOU for your service from the Grimm Offroad Family.