Grimm OffRoad 2021+ Ford Bronco ARB Twin Compressor Mounting Bracket Kit


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  • Complete bracket kit for exterior mounting of ARB's Twin Compressor
  • Mounts one ARB Twin Compressor
  • Places compressor in engine bay
  • Comes with brackets, wiring, hose, air fittings, and hardware
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Bracket Kit for Engine Bay Mounting an ARB Twin Compressor

Grimm OffRoad’s compact mounting bracket kit solidly mounts ARB's Twin Air Compressor under the hood of your 2021+ Ford Bronco. This is the most functional and integrated kit on the market. The included wiring harness allows convenient access to the on/off switch and air chuck on the right front fender and by tucking the air compressor vertically inside the inner fender, it is kept away from the elements while keeping the noise where it belongs: outside.

Includes Durable Steel Brackets, Lines, and Wiring

The Grimm OffRoad bracket kit includes four steel brackets, a new air line and fittings, and a wiring extender that connects to the compressor's standard harness. Each bracket is made out of steel with a black powder coat finish to protect against corrosion. The larger brackets mount the compressor itself inside your Bronco's inner fender, while the smaller brackets support and stabilize the compressor. The compressor is oriented with the two inlet air filters at the top of the engine compartment. The kit comes with a new braided stainless steel hose that runs to the included bulkhead fitting for attaching an air coupling like the one included in ARB's 171302 Pump Up Kit. Each kit comes with all the necessary fittings, hardware and instructions you need to get it installed on your Bronco. 

  • Easy to access air for airing up tires or setting up air lockers
  • Much quieter than cabin-mounted air compressors
  • Precision-cut, high-strength steel mounting brackets
  • All hoses, fittings, and hardware required for installation are included
  • Mounts ARB Twin Compressor above RH inner fender liner away from mud and water
  • Locates compressor intake filters at the top of the engine compartment
  • Simplifies the ARB wiring harness installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA

  • 2021+ Ford Bronco
Fitment Notes:
  • This bracket kit is only compatible out of the box with ARB's Twin Air Compressor (ARB Part# CKMTA12). We cannot guarantee the fitment of other air compressor systems.
  • Compatible with ARB's 171503 Compressor Manifold for installing additional accessories or air lockers.
  • Does not fit the Bronco Raptor