ARB Twin Air Compressor



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  • Extremely reliable compressor with high airflow
  • Twin motors in integrated bracket assembly
  • Up to 6cfm of airflow
  • Can handle up to 150psi
  • Compatible with ARB AirLockers
  • Maximum 56amp draw
  • Comes with wiring and switch

Powerful Air Compressor with Extremely High Flow Rates

If you're heading off the beaten path, then you're going to need an air compressor system that can do everything you need and more. The ARB Twin Air Compressor is a complete, fully-sealed on-board air compressor that features two motors that makes it capable of throwing out 150psi of air pressure with flow rates of up to 6 cubic feet per minute so that you get enough air for practically any application that you have in mind for your off-road rig. The ARB Twin Compressor was designed specifically for off-road use out in the Australian outback and is one of the toughest, most reliable air compressor systems on the market. The Twin Compressor is compatible with ARB's lineup of AirLocker differentials with the purchase of ARB's Manifold Kit and suitable AirLocker Differentials for your vehicle of choice. Each compressor can also be paired with a variety of air tanks so that you can run air tools or other air-powered accessories without issues.

Extremely Reliable Twin Motors with Complete Bracket Assembly and Wiring

The ARB Twin Compressor comes standard with a complete wiring loom that allows it to tap into 12V electrical systems right out of the box. The two motors are mounted in a heavy-duty, anodized mounting bracket that helps dissipate heat and is resistant to corrosion. The compressor operates at a 100% duty cycle and feature hard-anodized cylinder bores and Teflon impregnated carbon fiber piston seals that give the compressor excellent reliability and lifespan. The bracket mount features an anti-vibration and sound-deadened design that helps keep the compressor system fairly quiet, even when operating at its full capacity. Despite its big-time output, the compressor only uses a maximum of 56 amps of power, keeping load on your vehicle's electrical system fairly minimal. The compressor comes with a dash-mounted switch, though the wiring allows you to tie it into built-in upfitter switches or nearly any other switch system.

Air Compressor Specifications:
  • Power: 12V
  • Amp Draw: 56amp maximum
  • Max Air Pressure: 150psi
  • Airflow at 0psi: 6.16cfm
  • Airflow at 29psi: 4.68cfm
  • Waterproof Rating: IP55 (fan system)