Grimm OffRoad Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU Hardware Upgrade Kit


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The Jeep JL and JT use fully threaded bolts for all their suspension components. A fully threaded bolt will not provide the best fit for components like control arms or track bars where the inner sleeve of those components interface with the threaded portion of the bolt. Over time, these bolts can loosen up and cause the threads of the bolt to dig into the inner sleeve causing wear on both the threads of the bolt and the inner sleeve resulting in a sloppy fit. This kit replaces the fully threaded bolts with shouldered bolts to provide a nice smooth surface for the suspension components to interface with.

This kit includes Grade 10.9 Metric replacement hardware for all 8 control arms, front and rear track bars, and lower shock mounts. All hardware is the proper length and the lower shock mounting bolts have been reduced in length compared to stock to prevent issues with them contacting the front lower control arms or catching on obstacles in the rear. The high strength OEM flag nuts are retained for ease of installation.

  • High strength grade 10.9 shouldered bolts
  • Washers that won’t deform
  • Yellow and clear zinc surface finish
  • Distorted thread lock nuts
  • Reuses OEM high strength flag nuts where applicable
  • Zinc surface finish color may not match images due to hardware availability